Time for De Gea to leave the club and Dean Henderson to take over the #1 shirt

Let me be clear to start on this issue about De Gea. I will be forever grateful for his service to our club and the performances he put in during some of the darkest days. He will forever be a legend for his time at the club with his consistency in the mayhem the post-Fergie era has been. He now deserves his move away from the club to be closer to his family and to continue his career with a top club. (Deserves to link up with Ronaldo at Juventus)

 Now on to why this needs to happen this summer.

I am at the stage after Moyes, Van Gaal, and Mourinho they have chopped up the club into an abyss overall but in so many different departments. We read more each day about coaching staff that are left over, and the scouting department isn’t all on the same page. We are at the point of a full restructure and its time to get rid of the old deadwood laying around. This also means in a sense De Gea needs to go. The club doesn’t need his continued transfer stories and contract issues to ride over the team and the dressing room month over month. Just not worth it anymore to anyone even to De Gea.

We have Dean Henderson who has been at the club since 2011 that has been improving dramatically over the last few years. He signed when we were at the top and has seen the mistakes growing up on TV that this team/club have continued to make. Dean has watched his good mate Rashford given a chance on a wimb and take it full on while turning into a full England national. Henderson was actually in the crowd for that first Rashford goal in the Europa League and that is who Rashford ran towards to celebrate with. Since that moment, Henderson has received numerous awards and proven himself at the lower and upper ends of the Football League culminating with being the best goalkeeper in the Championship while leading his team to promotion. To say he has taken his chance is an understatement in today’s world.

How many young English players at the top six English clubs ever go on loan to the lower league sides and are continuously voted as the best in the league. The simple answer is they really don’t. We have an issue in England of not promoting English talent and even when they go on loan they cannot survive in those lower leagues. Dean has proven a talent and can play against men which is something to be proud of. He challenged himself to more than PL2 or reserves games which is a mentality you need as a top professional at the highest level.

Many of us got lucky enough to grow up in an era where Manchester United had a dominate midfield and strike force that never really struggled. This was mostly done with homegrown talent through the academy while buying good young English talent. We have to my knowledge in long time had a young English academy goalkeeper. We know between Schmeichel to Van Der Sar we had a lot of issues and it was embarrassing some goals we conceded. Thankfully we got De Gea early enough after Van Der Sar that the position was comfortable. We now must let De Gea leave as we did with Ronaldo a decade ago to fulfill his dreams in Europe. The #1 shirt is ready for Henderson and he is ready to lead Manchester United into our next era of dominance.  

Now best of luck to De Gea on his next mission and hope he wins a few trophies along the way!

Come on Deano!

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