Why Pogba is not a true academy product and represents the major issues clubs face in the new era of Football. (Raiola is a rat)

Overrated, no work rate, no passion, no respect for the badge; these are just some of the words that come to my mind as I think of this midfielder. Let me preface this with some background of where I am coming from.

Over the last two weeks, I have read the autobiographies of Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Michael Carrick and Roy Keane. Each of these players truly have different perspectives of their time with United of how they came in, what they achieved and how they are remembered. Look at the chart attached

Pogba doesn’t hold any values of what Manchester United stand for nor what the academy represents. He has shown where his loyalty lies even during his time first stint at Manchester United through his couple seasons at Juventus. Pogba loves money, attention and whatever his terrible agent tells him. Sir Alex was right all those years ago about what a crook Raiola was and United should never deal with him again.

Just think about Pogba was at Juventus and was playing in a Champions League Final with Pirlo in midfield. Why on earth would you leave a team that was dominate in Europe and winning trophies. Simple answer – Woodward gave a lot of money to his agent and Raiola told Pogba he should leave.

Pogba is the virus that is destroying United from within. The on-pitch attitude of multiple players seems to be taking the same stance as Pogba. Rashford hasn’t look the same nor has Lingard this season. The team tends to play well when Pogba is bothered to step up a level. He is destroying De Gea with his mass wages and no output.  Just remember, Pogba came in first in WALKING this season in the Premier League. Becks was all about the fame, haircuts, and media but you wouldn’t find a harder working winger. The squad and winning meant more to him than anything outside the pitch. I do not think you can say the same about Pogba.

This is the modern footballer today and what every club needs to be on the look out for. Both English football and the agents are to blame on how kids are being treated now. I like to believe United are still doing this the right way and giving kids the chance. My hope is that Angel Gomes, Taith Chong, and Mason Greenwood stay away from Pogba. He is the virus that will kill any dressing room and destroy a club from within.

I believe the smartest thing YOUNG English talent is doing is making their name overseas. Most of the young players will never get the chance at any top six club. Manchester United will thankfully continue to blood our young players and give them a chance. They just need to take the chance and never lose that feeling.

Give me Welbz, Cleves, Adnan, and many others that didn’t make the grade at United over the last ten years. I know they each played their hearts out and put every second they could into the squad.

Get out and good riddance Paul!

*Not worried about James Garner as he doesn’t make a fuss and don’t see his agent leaking stories about potentially leaving United.

**Possibly Pogba took the year off and its really his brother playing for him.

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