Fast forward to today, about a week since the season is over

I am currently on Paternity leave from my work until beginning of August. As this season began to end and my first-born arrived, I feel more and more lost of what has happened to this great club. We listen to these former players who make their time at United sound like a simple formula. We worked harder than the other team and believed we would win. We didn’t think about the opponent, we focused on what we do and made the other team react.

I know the appointment of Ole the last few months looks a bit rash and may not to many be the right appointment. Many out there don’t think we need to revisit our roots and need to move forward. We have tried that quite a bit and its failed absolutely on our face. We truly need a manager that will be ruthless in getting rid of the deadwood (most of the squad) and making our team work hard. I mean how many times did we see our team look like a Sunday league men’s team with their fake jogging back. I find our players pathetic in how they work/run on the pitch. They collect the check for the most part and kept it moving. Culture change is coming this summer, and many will not be wearing a red shirt. The player to watch next season who will make big strides is McTominay in our midfield. Just watching him during the defeats and victories made me appreciate the player he is. More to come on him in a future post.

Only a few more months til the new season starts and excited to see England in the Nations League. I look forward to posting a few more things later this week about City’s treble being worthless, why Pogba shouldn’t be considered a true academy product, and a bit more about why this coaching staff will be a success. Thank you for reading!

*Wazza’s comments about the coaching staff and players was spot on the money.

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