City’s treble is worthless. What was the last top six club to set out to win the league cup?

I ask this question regarding, what team actually fields a full-strength squad from the first match to the final. The press is in love with Pep and the way he plays. Yes, they are playing a brilliant brand of football and dominating matches. If we watch closely, ask Ole and many others have pointed out they strategically foul in the offensive half to stop counters and allow themselves back into shape. They will find themselves in trouble next year with VAR and others targeting their weaknesses. Kompany will be a bigger loss then most of them realize in the dressing room.

The treble is something to be proud of and represents the hardest challenge of all. I am talking about the real treble that many of us know. This would be winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League. Just shows the level of City that they replace the Champions League with the League Cup and call it a treble. They are and will always be the smaller club in Manchester with that mindset. The domestic treble is not that major of an accomplishment about all three trophies. We had this same issue with Mourinho touting the Community Shield victory. I am not saying winning is bad here please don’t take it that way. I am saying as major clubs know, we all want the top trophies. Rio talks about this best in #2sides when Ben Foster was celebrating the League Cup like it was the Champions League. Ben got upset because no one else made a big fuss about it. We have always kept our eye on the bigger trophies and winning every game is the goal!

Again, City will always be the smaller club in Manchester with their mindset of being overly excited about the League Cup and claiming a Treble. Please don’t act like the League Cup is as hard as the Champions League.

Come on United!

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