I remember still to this day hitting the football against the stone wall of our house on Horsemill Lane in Harrogate. We had been living back in England for about two years at this point and the first time living in the north of England in Yorkshire. I went inside the house to relax on the couch and turned on the telly. I turned on the England match and watched the last 10 minutes as I wasn’t massively into Football at this point. Beckham lined up for that free kick and bent one in the top corner at Old Trafford to put England through to the World Cup. That was the day my love of football began and my love of United began to grow. I hate that for almost four years, I lived only 60-70 miles from Old Trafford but my father never took me over. In 2004, We headed back stateside where for the next seven years all I would wear was United shirts to school.

A massive thank you to my grandparents in England who bought so much United Shirts and United gear throughout the years. They always did everything they could for me and took me north for the first time to visit Old Trafford. One of the top moments of my life walking into that stadium, seeing the pitch, and holding the Premier League trophy for the first time.

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